Newsletter Summer 2017

Interested in a better clamping of your wheel or rotor on its shaft?

The clamping of a wheel or rotor on its shaft is a crucial point.
Operational temperatures and velocities reduce the initial clamping and tend to liberate the wheel or rotor.

Although torque transmission can still be guaranteed by using a key between the wheel and the shaft, or by introducing glue during the assembly, the balance of the rotational movement is compromised.
The good news is that we have solutions that double the temperature range of your clamping and increase by 40% the velocity range thanks to a slight change in the central aperture of the wheel or in the profile of the shaft.

For more information concerning this novel
technique please contact Albert IJspeert.

Ijspeert Innovative Technologies is a spin-off from CERN, Geneva,
specialized in innovative solutions for mechanical centring and clamping

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