IJSPEERT Innovative Technologies

is a Spin-off from CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, dedicated to transform CERN’s cutting edge techniques into efficient industrial applications.

We are specialised in devices for the mechanical Centring and Holding of elements by applying CERN’s “Diaphragm Technique” and have developed such devices for the centring and clamping of a large variety of elements like

centring and holding of:

profile bars (click here)

work pieces (click here)

turbine blades (click here)

assembly of elements like:

hollow profiles (click here)

rotors of electric motors (click here)

and many other applications.

The technique, based on the use of laser-cut discs, is unique in its kind for the mechanical centring and fixation of object(s) of about any profile; it has practically no limits in what items and shapes can be centred and clamped and it is in addition very cost effective

We put our present experience gladly at the disposal of your centring and clamping needs,  be it by sellling the tools to fit your elements, or by serving you to install the technique.



This Diaphragm technique, originally developed at CERN for the fabrication of the superconducting Corrector Magnets of her Large Hadron Collider (LHC), has proven its excellent qualities in those about 6000 superconducting magnets.


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