Our novel adapter for the clamping of turbine blades, based on our technique using discs, acts as a mould around the spiralling surface of the turbine blade.

This yields a very stiff and precise clamping without damage to the surface of the blade.

Installed on a precision vice or chuck, it allows a simple on/off clamping of the turbine blades.

The adapters are tailored to the type of blade and feature:

  • Quick on-off clamping
  • High precision
  • Deliverable in about any material and size desired by the customer
  • Highly cost-effective

Turbine blade adapter

Adapter for the clamping of turbine blades and similar. These adapters are used for example to centre and clamp turbine blades for the machining of their fir-tree feet.

The example shown features a 120 mm high blade

If desired, we can also deliver the adapter with an additional centering vice (as shown) or a centering chuck.

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