Rotor assembly with busbars or magnets

The diaphragm fixation technique clamps in one operation all the elements of the rotor of an electrical machine and represents a novel and advantageous alternative to the usual gluing or shrink-fit for instance.

The principle is shown in the animation below where all the elements of the rotor, here several permanent magnets as well as the shaft, are assembled in a very efficient way by a single press-fit of the shaft.

This is obtained by applying two diaphragm technique principles:

1) The introduction of small off-sets of the apertures in the (all identical) plates and

2) The stacking of the plates in different orientations to obtain opposing off-sets

fixation by press-fit of shaft

easy insertion of magnets

fixation by press-fit of shaft

We can design and supply such laminations to facilitate your rotor assembly

Reasons to use diaphragm assembly of rotors:

  1. Fast and efficient, yielding an important gain in time and man-hours
  2. It can be disassembled for repair or for recuperation of magnets for instance
  3. The clamping holds up to higher temperatures then the usual glue or shrink fit
  4. No need for special tooling (low investment, quickly applicable)

Animation of the rotor-assembly