Diaphragm origin

The Diaphragm Centring Technique, based on an innovative use of plates, has originally been developed to centre and clamp superconducting coils of CERN’s LHC Corrector magnets.

In those magnets, external shrinking cylinders are used to compress the inner cylindrical coil body
However, the space between the shrinking cylinder and the coil body is occupied by the yoke consisting of a stack of iron rings that would block the prestress from the shrinking cylinder.
How to pass the shrinking pressure through the yoke rings to the inner coil body?

The “Diaphragm technique ” solves this in a surprisingly simple way:

  1. It gives the iron rings a slight eccentricity of a few tenths of a mm
  2. It stacks the rings in different angular orientations

Origin of Diaphragm Centring


Rings with slight eccentricity


Rings stacked in different angular orientations

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