Centring profiled bars

Reasons to switch to the Diaphragm Centring

  1. Easily centres about any shape.
  2. Based on plates that can be produced fast and cost effective by laser cutting
  3. Complicated shapes create no extra cost

The Diaphragm Centring is achieved by a stack of plates that form an intermediate element between the chuck and the object to be centred. The plates have been designed to touch the chuck and the inner object on one side only, but their orientations in the stack are varied to end up covering all sides of the inner object. Once the inner object inserted, a pressure from the chuck forces the plates inwards and creates the desired clamping and centring. And with the bonus of high precision because:

  1. The identical plates press the same from all sides and fabrication errors of the plates are therefore cancelled out
  2. The plates even follow a twist of the bar
Diaphragm chuck centring a hexagonal tool-bit

Diaphragm chuck centring a hexagonal tool-bit


Interested in Centring profiled bars

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Examples of Diaphragm Centring of work pieces


Centring of an "odd" bar for the production of door-lock cylinders


The Diaphragm Centring replaces advantageously the usual segmented tubes

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